Friday, November 27, 2015

No Harvest this Christmas

I have done a poor job of saving and planning in 2015.  My desire is to go out and spend lots of money on the gifts for my family and friends, like always.  Every other year I have done so.  Standing in a field of winter grass I feel at ease with giving.  Of course, I run into problems.

First, I am almost never happy with the gifts that I give (which mostly amount to money).  There is the immediate gift of food or fun which lasts for the day.  Then there is the kind of gift that will be there for years to follow, and be useful.  I often spend too much on the former because I am unable to determine, or afford the latter.

Second, I am often running on fumes when the bills of the new year come due.  I stand there on the dirt in the same position I was 12 months earlier.  Knowing that I will not be able to provide any better Christmas that year.

Therefore, I have decided to spend less money on Christmas this year, and increase the amount of time I spend on gifts.  Of course, I cannot post what I am working on here (in case someone looks); however, after Christmas I will be posting some of what I've done this year.

One thing I am trying is buying empty boxes and spending the month filling them.

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